6th Annual Distinction Day – April 20, 2023


A Celebration for the 2023 Brody School of Medicine Distinction Track Program Graduates

Thursday, April 20th, 2023

Student Scholar Abstracts

Health System Transformation and Leadership Distinction Track

Gary Allen
Improving Safety During Transitions of Care Through the Use of Electronic Referral Loops to Receive and Reconcile Health Information 

Mona Amin
Alphabet Rounds in the SICU – ABCDEF Bundles

Garrett Berk
Good Wishes Aren’t Enough – Racial Disparity in Surgical Outcomes Despite Institutional Mission

Anna Lisa Ciarrocca
Enteral Feeding in Critically Ill Patients on Mechanical Ventiliation in Prone Positioning – A Quality Endeavor

Kiane Douglas
A QI Project to Decrease Suboptimal Patient Transfers from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to the Special Care Nursery

Emily Downs
Increasing Utilization of Mental Health Resources by Adolescents Screening Positive for Depression and Anxiety at the ECU Pediatric Diabetes Clinic

Brandon Garcia
Improving Screening to Address Social Determinants of Health in a Family Medicine Outpatient Clinic 

Atif Mahmood
Improving EMS Handoffs – Using the IMIST-AMBO Mnemonic to provide Standardized Structure and Organization

Grant O’Brien
Improving HPV vaccine initiation in 9-10 year-old patients at a residency-based pediatrics clinic

Nonye Onokalah
Addressing Immunization Gaps- Improving Rates of Immunization Among Adolescents for Routine, Recommended Vaccines

Research Distinction Track

Evan Bradner
Evaluating Patient Understanding of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) Pathways in Eastern North Carolina

Manuel Gomez
Outcomes of Cardiac Valvular Surgery in Patients with Substance Use Disorder

Hanifah Hendricks
Collagen Peptide Inhibits Fibroblast Differentiation – A Potential Anti-Fibrotic Factor

Duy Huynh
Clinical factors that affect fiducial tracking in Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy (SABR) against lung tumors

Sina Kazemzadeh
Determining Trends and Factors Associated with Self-Reported Physical Activity among Adolescents in Rural North Carolina

Karen Kennamer
Influenza Vaccination Status of Patients Admitted to an Inpatient Behavioral Health Unit

Charles Klose
Trends of Lymph Node Outcomes in Partial Cystectomy for Muscle-Invasive Urothelial Carcinoma of the Bladder

Simran Koura
Rate and Predictors of Spontaneous Patent Foramen Ovale Closure After Identification on Prenatal Echocardiogram

Zahra Mohseni
Beverage consumption from SSB 100% fruit-juice and soda decrease over the course of treatment in children with severe obesity

Michael Moseley
COVID 19 Infection is Associated with Increased Emergency Department Visits

Abdulazeez Swaiti
Vitamin D Deficiency in Emergency Department Patients with Generalized Complaints

Service-Learning Distinction Track

LaQuanda Fredericks
Educational Handouts as an Approach to Weight Management – Weight Management Clinic

Kayla Mayes
Mayes, Kayla – Support of Minority Youth in Eastern North Carolina Through Mentorship and Workshops

Lauren Moore
Implementation and Quality Improvement of a Pre-health Advising Program for Students and Volunteers Within PhysioCamp

Joshua Parke
Parke, Joshua – The Impact of Video-Based Education on Safe Injection Techniques in People Who Inject Drugs

Anna Beth Robertson
The Use of Telehealth to Operate the Greenville Community Shelter Clinic During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Medical Education and Teaching Distinction Track

Jared Barkes
Incorporating Combined Near-Peer and Peer-to-Peer Teaching into the Pediatric Clerkship to Increase Student Exam Performance and Preparation for Residency

Kari Beasley
A Virtual Clinical Pharmacology Module for Medical Students to Review, Prescribe and Order Diabetic Drugs

Brady Buchanan
Converting School Specific Resources into Study-Friendly Formats

Kelly Davis
Preparing Future Physicians to Identify and Treat Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder – An Educational Intervention

Regan Lane
Examining the Role of Three-Dimensional Models in Medical Student Understanding of Embryology Topics


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