Educational Policies and Standard Operating Procedures


Academic Achievement Program (PDF)
Confidentiality of Student Education Records (PDF)
Learning Improvement Plan Pre-Meeting Reflection (LIPPMR) Process (PDF)
Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE/Dean’s Letter) (PDF)
Student Promotion and Review (PDF)

Assessments and Grades

Assessment System-Assessment Administration (PDF)
Assessment System-Assessment Creation (PDF)
Assessment System-Continuous Quality Improvement of Assessment Process (PDF)
Assessment System-Direct Observation (PDF)
Assessment System-Formative Assessment and Feedback (PDF)
Assessment System-Foundational Phase Quizzes (PDF)
Assessment System-Grading Architecture (PDF)
Assessment System-Make-Up Assessments (PDF)
Assessment System-Narrative Assessment (PDF)
Assessment System-NBME Subject Exam Remediation (PDF)
Assessment System-Performance Reporting (PDF)
Grade Appeals Process (PDF)
Non-Involvement of Healthcare Providers in Student Assessment and Promotion (PDF)
USMLE Exam Policy (PDF)


3 Year Course and Clerkship Review Process (PDF)
Calculation of Academic Credit Hours for Courses and Clerkships (PDF)
Course and Clerkship Director Responsibilities (PDF)
Curricular Changes Requiring Executive Curriculum Committee Approval (PDF)
Curriculum Architecture (PDF)
Elective Opportunities (PDF)
Inpatient and Outpatient Experiences in Clinical Training (PDF)
Institutional Learning Objectives Review and Revision Process (PDF)
Logging of Required Clinical Experiences (PDF)

Health and Safety

ADA Accommodations (PDF)
Blood/Body Fluid Exposure Guidelines (PDF)
Medical Student BBP Exposure Card (PDF)
Learner Exposure/Blood Borne Pathogen Occupational Exposure (PDF)

Learning Environment / Professionalism

Appropriate Treatment of Medical Students in the Learning Environment (PDF)
Attendance Policy (PDF)
Clinical Supervision of Medical Students in a Clinical Setting (PDF)
Code of Conduct ECU-BSOM (PDF)
Code of Student Conduct (PDF)
Code of Student Professional Conduct (PDF)
Dress Code (PDF)
HIPAA Regulation (PDF)
Notice of Nondiscrimination and Affirmative Action (PDF)
Professionalism and Community Standards (PDF)
Professionalism Standards for Virtual Learning (PDF)
Student Clinical Work Hours (PDF)
Student Travel Procedure (PDF)
Use of University Property