Medical Education and Teaching



The Medical Education & Teaching Distinction Track prepares students to be effective medical educators and develops their interest in academic medicine through the application of learning theory and instructional strategies.


  1. Describe the evolution of medical education to match the changes in the medical student and resident populations and the changes in healthcare delivery.
  2. Outline the concepts of Adult Learning Theory and apply them to teaching and curriculum development.
  3. Analyze the predominant instructional methodologies used in medical education and their respective efficacy based on research from multiple disciplines.
  4. Apply learning and developmental theories to the organization of a medical education experience.
  5. Describe the role that accreditation bodies play in defining and driving the continuum of medical education.
  6. Compare new issues in medical education with existing research/practice in adult education and changes in the healthcare delivery system

Required Activities

M-1 and M2 Years

  1. Attend the Medical Education and Teaching Track Lecture Series
  2. Participate in an experiential teaching opportunity in the summer following the M1 year
    1. Students must submit a project proposal including the scope of work, detailed time frame, goals/objectives, expected skills to be acquired, and the mentor.
    2. After project completion, the student must submit a report discussing the project scope, role of the student, skills acquired, and lessons learned/reflection on the experience.
    3. Submit an abstract and create a poster to present at Brody School of Medicine Medical Student Research Day

M3 and M4 Years

  1. Attend the Medical Education and Teaching Track Lecture Series
  2. Reflect on feedback provided by students and mentors during direct observation of a teaching session you conduct.
  3. Complete the M4 Medical Education and Teaching Track Elective
    1. Develop a learning contract with a mentor that focuses on the clinical interests and the professional goals of the student. The project must be approved by the Medical Education and Teaching Track Evaluation Committee prior to beginning the elective.
    2. The elective should result in the development of enduring educational materials or an educational research manuscript submitted for publication.
    3. Publication is not required for successful completion of requirements, but the final product must be approved by the Medical Education and Teaching Track Evaluation Committee.
  4. The education product or educational research will be presented to the Medical Education and Teaching Track Evaluation Committee at Brody’s Annual Medical Education and Scholarship Symposium.

Completion of Requirements

Students must complete all requirements prior to graduation. Final Approval by the Medical Education and Teaching Track Evaluation Committee is required for graduation with distinction.

Longitudinal Required Track Activities

Successful completion of at least 40 hours of relevant teaching experience is required in addition to M1 Immersion experience and M4 Elective. Activities may include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Tutoring in the basic science courses
  2. Serving as a student facilitator for Foundations of Medicine
  3. Serving as a physical exam skills mentor in the Doctoring Course
  4. Serving as standardized patient for M1 and M2 Doctoring after completion of course
  5. Serving as simulated patient for M1s to practice interviewing skills
  6. Conducting a review session for a unit or region in a basic science course (including laboratory sessions) through peer tutoring program
  7. Serving as student member of Admissions, Honor Code, or Appeal Committees (through invitation only)
  8. Writing exam questions with approval from course director
  9. Conducting a Journal Club session for community preceptors
  10. Participating in course or clerkship review, planning, and programmatic aspects of medical education


Students muse assemble a portfolio to represent this experience and present this portfolio for other Teaching Distinction Track students and invited guests. The portfolio should include:

  1. Philosophy of education
  2. Enduring educational material/curriculum product
  3. Reflection about goals as a teacher, progress toward those goals as reflected in the portfolio, and future goals as a teacher
  4. Feedback/evaluation received from students and faculty
  5. Other artifacts related to teaching, i.e. study helps for tutoring, mini-lectures
  6. Documentation from meetings with mentors and original (revised if appropriate) learning contracts

Acknowledgement of track participation is contained in the MSPE letter and noted on the student’s transcript, contingent upon demonstration of acceptable progress towards program requirements. The MSPE letter concerning student’s track participation will contain a description of completed, current, and expected participation / requirements. The student’s mentor will submit comments for inclusion. Successful completion of the track requirements will be noted on the student’s transcript and during the graduation programs.

Application Process

  1. Students submit an application that identifies their teaching interests and goals.
  2. Students must be in good academic standing in order to apply to the track.
  3. Selections will be based on application and interviews.