Brody School of Medicine Distinction Track Programs

Professional development is enhanced by allowing students to independently pursue an area of interest reflecting the core values that led them to select a medical career. The Distinction Tracks allow motivated students to pursue these interests in a rigorous, longitudinal approach, culminating with a capstone portfolio. Mentors work closely with students throughout the 4 years of medical school, guiding and evaluating their progress.

Brody School of Medicine offers four Distinction Tracks related to core missions of the school. Together, these Distinction Tracks provide a mechanism to formally recognize the exceptional accomplishments of medical students.

Each of the four programs have unique content and learning objectives, but they use a similar adult learning theory model, emphasizing experiential learning and mentored project completion. However, leadership is component embedded in all of the programs. The specific capabilities and competencies are taught using different activities or experiences, but there are some unifying transformational leadership themes across each distinction track program. Leadership themes include: Leading Self, Leading Others, and Leading Change.