Master Educator Award

We are fortunate to have a cadre of recognized “master educators” at Brody School of Medicine. These are faculty members who have been recognized by their peers as outstanding educators in any of the following categories: Educational Leadership & Administration, Outstanding Teaching or Mentorship Contribution, Educational Innovation & Curriculum Development, Educational Evaluation & Research, Professional Development in Education, Outstanding Educational Contribution by a Community Physician. This educational academy offers a wealth of experience to assist you in your development as a medical educator.

Master Educator Award Categories

Educational Leadership & Administration. Faculty member must document leadership & proficiency in the administration of educational programs. Two activities of different types but within the category are required. One must involve service to the School of Medicine.

Outstanding Teaching or Mentorship Contribution. Faculty member must demonstrate sustained quality, quantity & diversity of direct instruction or mentorship. Evidence of outstanding teaching and/or mentoring must be provided. Teaching evaluations from at least two years must also be provided.

Educational Innovation & Curriculum Development. Faculty member must document significant improvements in a course/clerkship or other educational program. Evidence of activities in different areas or significant contribution in a single area must be documented.

Educational Evaluation & Research. Faculty member must document substantial contribution in educational research, or with evaluation projects. Three activities of different types & a record of publication in the field are required.

Professional Development in Education. Faculty member must document contribution to the educational development of other faculty. Evidence related to conducting professional development lectures or workshops, as well as mentoring junior faculty are required. Three activities of different types related to professional development in education must be documented.

Outstanding Educational Contribution by a Community Physician. Community physician must document significant contribution to the BSOM educational mission over a significant period of time (normally five years or longer). Teaching evaluations must be provided. Only Non-BSOM, Community-Based Preceptors may apply.

Master Educator Award Winners

Askew, Emily2023-2024Anatomy & Cell Biology
Cook, Paul2023-2024Division of Infectious Diseases
Eagan, Sheena 2023-2024Bioethics and Interdisciplinary Studies
Edwards, Justin2023-2024Family Medicine
Higginson, Amanda2023-2024Pediatrics
Robidoux, Jacques2023-2024Pharmacology & Toxicology
Tulis, David2023-2024Physiology
deVente, James 2022-2023OB/GYN
Collier, David2022-2023Department of Pediatrics
Watson, Ricky 2022-2023Department of Family Medicine
Bradby, Cassandra2021 -2022Department of Emergency Medicine
Brewer, Kori2021 -2022Department of Emergency Medicine
Brillant, Patrick2021 -2022Surgery, Community Preceptor
Corral, Irma 2021-2022Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine
Crotty, Jennifer2021 -2022Department of Pediatrics
Cunningham, Karlene2021 -2022 Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine
Domico, Lisa 2021 -2022Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology
Iannettoni, Mark2021 -2022Department of Surgery
Zeri, Richard2021 -2022Department of Surgery
Norbury, John2020-2021Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Kansagor, Adam2019-2020OB/GYN
Schmidt, Susan2019-2020Family Medicine, Student Affairs
Semer, Diane2019-2020GYN ONC, Community Preceptor
Boyer, Philip2018-2019Pathology
Harrell, Kelly2018-2019Anatomy
Kyle, Brandon2018-2019Psychiatry
Sutton, Jill2018-2019OB/GYN
Eldridge, David2016-2017Pediatrics
Faulk, Clinton2016-2017PM&R
Lang, Michael2016-2017Psychiatry
Shewchuk, Brian2016-2017Biochemistry
Simeonsson, Kristina2016-2017Pediatrics, Public Health
Firnhaber, Jonathan2015-2016Family Medicine
Johnson, Toni2015-2016Psychiatry
Steffey, Coral2015-2016Pediatrics
Van Dross, Rukiyah2015-2016Pharmacology
Cook, Fiona2014-2015Internal Medicine
Lawson, Luan2014-2015Emergency Medicine
Nekkanti, Rajasekhar2014-2015CV
Walsh, Danielle2014-2015Surgery
Goettler, Claudia2013-2014Surgery
Burke, William2012-2013Dermatology
Mannie, Mark2012-2013M&I
Savitt, Todd2012-2013Diversity Affairs
Taylor, David2012-2013Pharmacology
Coleman, James2010-2011M&I
McMillen, Brian2010-2011Pharmacology
Adams, Henry2009-2010Internal Medicine
Larsen, Lars2009-2010Family Medicine
Newman, Robert2009-2010Family Medicine
Hamrick, Irene2008-2009Family Medicine
Johnson, Ronald2008-2009Biochemistry
Olsson, John2008-2009Pediatrics
Robey, Walter2008-2009Emergency Medicine
Lust, Robert2007-2008Physiology
Tanenburg, Robert2007-2008Internal Medicine
Levine, Gary2006-2007Family Medicine
Steinweg, Kenneth2006-2007Family Medicine
Fletcher, Donald2005-2006Anatomy
Previll, Kathleen2005-2006Pediatrics
Schenarts, PJ2005-2006Surgery
None (Dean Search)2004-2005
Abdel-Rahman, Abdel2003-2004Pharmacology
Brown, Charles2003-2004Emergency Medicine
Burden, Hubert2003-2004Anatomy
Camnitz, Paul2003-2004ENT
Christie, John2003-2004Pathology
Clay, Maria2003-2004CS/Family Medicine
Daly, Marianna2003-2004Family Medicine
Hillenbrand, Karin2003-2004Pediatrics
Mega, Lesly2003-2004Psychiatry
Pekala, Phillip2003-2004Biochemistry
Rose, John2003-2004Internal Medicine
Weismiller, David2003-2004Family Medicine
Wimmer, John2003-2004Pediatrics
Barchman, MJ2002-2003Internal Medicine
Barnes, Don2002-2003Pharmacology
Carroll, Robert2002-2003Physiology
Daugherty, Janice2002-2003Family Medicine
Kolasa, Kathy2002-2003Family Medicine
Marks, Richard2002-2003Biochemistry
Newton, Dale2002-2003Pediatrics
Ray, Richard2002-2003Physiology
Shreve, Robert2002-2003Family Medicine
Stone, Henry2002-2003M&I