PhD Programs

The Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University offers graduate programs in basic biomedical sciences leading to the PhD degree in the areas of:

Assistantship Support

The research assistantships for students accepted into one of the Doctoral Programs are $25,000 per year. In addition, in-state and out-of-state tuition will be paid. Health insurance is provided. Learn more about Graduate Studies.


All of the basic science departments are located in the Brody Medical Sciences building adjacent to ECU Health Medical Center in Greenville, North Carolina. Greenville, a city of 90,000 residents, is 80 miles east of Raleigh, the state capital.


Departmental laboratories are equipped with state-of-the art instruments. In addition, the Brody School of Medicine has established several core laboratories to support the research efforts of all faculty members. These include an Electron Microscope Laboratory, a Flow Cytometry Laboratory, a Hybridoma Core Laboratory, Molecular Biology Reagent Program, a Peptide Microsequencing Laboratory, a Phosphoimaging Laboratory, and modern Animal Laboratories.