Resources – OMIPs Collections

Optimized Multicolor Immunofluorescence Panel (OMIP) is a special peer-reviewed Cytometry Part A publication type that reports on newly designed and optimized multicolor panels for flow cytometry, fluorescence microscopy, image cytometry, and other polychromatic fluorescence-based methods.

OMIPs are aimed: (1) to alleviate the development time for researchers in need of the same or highly similar panels, (2) to provide a starting point for the creation of novel OMIPs, and (3) to give the developers of the panels credit via citation or the publication.

An OMIP consists of two portions:

  1. A two-page printed component includes basic information, such as the title, a summary table, a brief narrative, a reagent table, an example staining figure and a detailed comparison with similar OMIPs.
  2. An online component includes significant amount of technical details, such as panel development strategy, cross-references to related panels, exact staining protocol, instrument configuration and reagent information.