BSOM Unit Code of Operations

This page contains information regarding the 2022 revision to the BSOM Unit Code of Operations.

The Unit Code of Operations details the administrative functioning of BSOM, complementing the functioning of the University as outlined in the ECU Faculty Manual.

Faculty Senators and Alternates (listed below) with input from multiple groups have updated and revised the 2022 version of the BSOM Unit Code of Operations in response to updates in the ECU Faculty Manual.  The group now feels the proposed changes to the Unit Code of Operations are ready to be considered and discussed by the full faculty.

To assist your evaluation of the proposed changes, three documents are included:

  1. The existing BSOM Unit Code of Operations, approved December 2021.
  2. The revisions proposed to the code in a redlined/track changes document.
  3. A clean version of the BSOM Unit Code of Operations Proposed 2022 Revision, which is the document being submitted for discussion and vote.

Faculty Senators and Alternates contributing to this process:

Rachel Roper, Chair
Beng Fuh
Annette Greer
Hunter Coore
Kimberly Alford
Paul Bolin
Dave Thompson
Keith Nelson
Shivajirao Patil
Lax Katwa
Korin Leffler
Greg Kearney
Roberto Portela
Ed Treadwell
David Leeser
Gail Allen
Somya Nagaraj
Jacques Robidoux
Srinivas Sriramula
Vijaya Marri
Mustafa Selim
Aundrea Oliver