Visiting Students

The Visiting Medical Student Program enriches both the Brody School of Medicine and the visiting medical student. Applicants must be 4th year students in good academic standing, be actively pursuing the Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree and have completed all third year core clerkships by the start of a scheduled elective.

VSLO Information

The Brody School of Medicine uses VSLO, the Visiting Student Learning Opportunities, to receive visiting fourth year medical student applications. To apply, complete and submit the electronic VSLO application for your preferred electives.

For more information on VSLO, visit or contact VSLO at  Only students enrolled at US LCME or US AOA accredited institutions may use VSLO to submit applications and supporting documents.

State Authorization may be required by some states; we recommend reviewing the latest information on this subject: STATE AUTHORIZATION COMPLIANCE

At this time, Brody is not able to accept applications from international or US students attending international schools, however, students attending international schools are strongly encouraged to apply for our residency programs.

General Information

Visiting medical students are processed through the individual departments:

ALL DEPARTMENTS OPEN FOR APPLICATIONS on March 1st (the VSLO catalog will be open for viewing on Februay 15th)

Emergency Medicine 
Iresa Bell, Visiting Student Coordinator

Internal Medicine-Pediatrics
Kristi Vena, Visiting Student Coordinator

Amy Wingate, Visiting Student Coordinator

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation  
Debra Mercer, Visiting Student Coordinator

Visiting students are permitted a total of 8 weeks at Brody.

The Brody M4 calendar and catalog of course descriptions may be viewed through the 4th Year Curriculum page.

Upon Acceptance

Processing Fee:  $70 non-refundable
Forms: To be uploaded under VSLO Supplemental Documents:

Elective Availability

Electives and availability may be found through VSLO:

Housing Information

If accepted, housing arrangements can be made through:
Eastern AHEC
252.744.3082  Click on “Student Housing Application”

Evaluation Information

Visiting Students are responsible to present their school’s evaluation form to the course director or administrative assistant.  Evaluations will be completed at the conclusion of the rotations and returned to either the student or the home school based on the protocol of each school.

Policies and Procedures

What to do in case of Blood Borne/Fluid Pathogen exposure

Appropriate Treatment of Medical Students

Reporting an Incident