Please see below for information about reading materials, training, certificates and other resources available to Global Health and Underserved Populations participants.

Textbooks and clinical resources

  • Expedition and Wilderness Medicine (Cambridge University Press, 2008)

Free online courses and certificates

Certificate and degree programs (enrollment and tuition may be required)

  • Ethnic & Rural Health Disparities Graduate Certificate Online Program (ECU). The ERHD graduate certificate online program in ethnic and rural health disparities at East Carolina University uses the latest online technology to assist medical health professionals and public health administrators in not only obtaining additional expertise in ethnic and rural health disparities but also in developing culturally competent solutions for specific health disparity populations.
  • Humanitarian Response Intensive Course. April 19 – May 1, 2016. Harvard University, Cambridge, MA. Standard Registration Fee: $2400 USD. Medical Resident / Student Discounted Registration Fee: $2200 USD. Classes, workshop and simulation exercise on humanitarian response with a focus on practical issues such as personal and team security, rapid assessments, application of minimum standards for food security, shelter, water, sanitation, hygiene and operational approaches to relations with the military in humanitarian settings.
  • American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Certificate in Knowledge in Clinical Tropical Medicine and Travelers Health (US-based, requires a 2-4 week course at multiple sites or one on-line course is available through WVU approximately $4700 and exam $500. Participants can receive certification if they pass exam and document experience of at least two months in a tropical setting.
  • Health Emergencies in Large Populations (HELP) International Red Cross course for health professionals for service in complex humanitarian emergencies. Three week course offered every other year in Baltimore, cost of approx. $2000.
  • London School of Tropical Health and Hygiene – short courses – individual distance modules can all be completed on line – £6775 per course.
  • Harvard Summer Global Health Delivery Institute – training in programming and policy making – approximately $8000.
  • University of Minnesota global health modules – Prices vary depending on # of modules. These modules can be used toward the pre-requisite requirements for the ASTMH Certificate.
  • Unite for Sight Global Health Certificate through Yale University on-line certificate, approximate cost $100.

Language training

  • Rosetta Stone resources are available through the Brody School of Medicine

Local resources and programs

Other health resources