The Office of Data Analysis and Strategy provides services in, but not limited to, the following areas:

Data Management and Analysis

  • Assistance with data governance structure and committee development in (BSOM)
  • Development of educational data warehouse for the School
  • Identify data sources and reporting mechanisms
  • Data visualization and reporting
  • Analysis of educational data and predictive analytics
  • Survey development and analysis


  • Data analysis consultations for departmental and/or faculty research
  • Longitudinal studies of medical education and related data
  • Internal research interest as aligned with school operations, its mission, and/or office mission and vision
  • Assistance with institutional review board (IRB) approval: data collection, data review, analysis of data, survey development, and IRB documentation review.
  • Looking for more information on research and/or statistical methods? Try visiting SAGE Research Methods

Quality and Process Improvement

  • Assistance with development of data reports and measures for improvement recommendations
  • Assistance with development of data reports to track improvement progress
  • Consultations with school stakeholders for process improvement (both at the business process and data management level)

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Before submitting a request for educational research data, please review the process documentation found here:  ODAS Educational Research Data Request Process